How can I overcome erectile dysfunction?


ED Reverser is an e-book produced by Max Miler that uses a set of carefully selected natural and safe processes over a set period of time to treat Erectile Dysfunction. According to the author of the book, the major problems with medical solutions to erectile problems are that it failed to appreciate the many dimension of erectile dysfunction.

First, Max Miler discovered that the cause, as believed by medical sciences, is too restrictive to take care of all that is involved in the condition. According to medical practitioners, ED is caused by low level of testosterone. But in his research from data received from the Urology Department of Columbia University, Max Miler discovered that barely 5 percent of erectile dysfunction is actually caused by low testosterone. According to the discoveries, erection is achieved in men through the inflow of blood into the nerves and vessels in the penis. This blood is then trapped within the penis enabling the man involved to have a sustained erection for sexual purposes.

02/01/2018 10:26:12